Wipro earthian 2018 Winners Announced! Please click here for the list of School and College winners!

What is Wipro earthian?

Wipro earthian is India’s largest sustainability education program for schools and colleges. It is designed to act as a catalyst for fostering excellence in sustainability thinking and action amongst youth. The program runs on an annual cycle where school and college students form groups and participate in an enriching exercise over a four-month period.

The 10 best Wipro Sustainability projects are shortlisted from school and college teams around the country and there is an annual event to celebrate their efforts.

In addition to this, Wipro embarks on a continuous engagement program that works with institutions, faculty, and students at multiple levels to strengthen sustainability education.

Wipro earthian – the philosophy

Our long experience with education and more recently with ecology has helped us realize that many of the problems of sustainable development are a result of our inadequate and inappropriate education systems – what is ‘learnt’, what is ‘not learnt’, what is ‘paid attention to’ and what is ‘ignored’.

This led us to start ‘Wipro earthian’, a long-term intervention that seeks to make sustainability axiomatic to education.

The Wipro earthian program

The Wipro earthian program for schools aims at providing exposure to multiple perspectives, within the students’ peer group and the world around them. There are three themes of exploration: biodiversity, water and waste. Students may select either of the three themes and register their teams for the program.

The Wipro earthian college program aims to help the students in developing a deep understanding of the prescribed themes. It ensures that individuals understand how their actions impact the environment. Through research and field reporting students will explore areas of Water, Waste and Food.

Some highlights

What’s unique about Wipro earthian?

Continuous engagement program (CEP)

Further to the Wipro earthian award program every year, select schools and colleges become partners in change. Together with our partner ecosystem, the schools and colleges will begin a journey of institutional learning, discovery and action. During this period of continuous engagement with each of the institutions, the aim is to build capacity and co-create educational practices within these institutions to better prepare its students to understand and deal with the sustainability challenges. 

Winning teams.

Across India, across the years.

The Wipro earthian Awards

The Wipro earthian annual award event is a culmination of 5 months of the passion, rigor and application put in by thousands of schools, colleges, students and faculty in the Wipro earthian family. Of the thousands that participate each year, 10 school and 10 college teams are selected through a rigorous regional shortlisting process and by a national jury consisting of eminent members with varied experience in academia, research and civil society organizations. The select teams are brought to Bangalore to attend the marquee annual award event ceremony and program over a 2-day period, which is Wipro’s small way of celebrating their achievement and passion.


The highlight of the award event is the felicitation of all winning teams by Mr Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Limited and Anurag Behar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Wipro Limited the flagship award event at the Bangalore corporate headquarters. The event itself is an diverse and rich experience sharing platform where we have some of the top minds in the area of environment and sustainability speaking and interacting with students and teacher alike. The event also hosts the unique Wipro earthian Sustainability Quiz finals, where the top 4 teams across the country compete at the national finale, as well as stirring musical performances from some of the top artists in the country.

The Archive

Explore the amazing work submitted by students across the years, from across the country.


Here is a look back at the various Wipro earthian activities and annual award functions.

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