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Our involvement in the field of education stretches back more than 15 years. Each initiative has been built with multiple stakeholders coming together to create change in every imaginable way. The approach is geared towards the long-term, aiming to make a lasting impact with each undertaking. We partner with various organisations and individuals, both in India and abroad. Currently there are six established initiatives:

The six initiatives are:


Recognizing that our approach to social responsibility is through direct engagement, Wipro employees (Wiproites) came together to form Wipro Cares – a not-for- profit trust that is now engaged in dozens of projects and engagements across six broad areas:

Urban resilience

Driven by industry-led growth and the structural shifts in village-based economy of agriculture and animal husbandry, we are seeing a significant shift in population towards urban centers. This unprecedented growth combined with lack of foresight has exposed the weak foundations of many cities. In this context, a resilient city is one that engages on important urban aspects with all its key stakeholders. Wipro through its community programs is working closely with industry, government and communities in creating platforms that enable meaningful change in the following areas:

Business sustainability

We understand that as a responsible business, we will have to rapidly redesign the way we operate to survive in a world struggling with resource constraints. Our understanding is that sustainability compels us to address this issue in multiple ways – by focussing on operational efficiency, value chain management and transparent reporting and disclosures. We constantly rely on stakeholder feedback to address and improve on these areas of sustainability.

We measure and report on our sustainability performance annually. Explore our work and reports in the areas of:

Read more by browsing our integrated reports.

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