Textbook Market Study

Among the few projects Wipro Applying Thought in Schools has supported, one of them has been a study on a research study on the understudied area of markets around textbooks and the changing nature of teaching-learning materials in schools, both government and private.

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SeasonWatch is an India-wide program that studies the changing seasons by monitoring the seasonal cycles of flowering, fruiting and leaf-flush of common trees. It is a ‘citizen science’ project, inviting volunteers, adults and children alike, from across the country to

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The Kabir Project

The Kabir Project brings together the experiences of a series of ongoing journeys in quest of this 15th century north Indian mystic poet as well as other Bhakti and Sufi poets in our contemporary worlds. Started in 2003, these journeys inquire into the spiritual and socio-political resonances of Kabir’s poetry through songs, images and conversations. The core inspiration of the project is music, and Kabir comes alive in 4 documentary films, 10 audio CDs and poetry books through the power of song.

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Kokhrajar Language Support Program

Parismita Singh is a writer and artist, who has been working with Pratham and ASER Centre in the field of primary education.

Parismita has been working since 2008, with the support of Pratham, on a program to bring home language into the classroom in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts in Assam. The program which initially focused on 12 villages in Kokhrajar and Chirang to document school situation and to study the language politics of the area and plan an intervention, has been extended to 60 villages from 2010.

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