Wipro Science Education Fellowship


Teacher-Level Outcomes

  • Increased pedagogical content knowledge for K-12 teachers of science
  • Improved teacher practice & effectiveness in science instruction
  • Increase in teachers’ knowledge of and skills in reflective teaching practices
  • Increased confidence in science teaching
  • Increase in the number of teachers who are active in providing professional development opportunities in science for colleagues

District-Level Outcomes

  • Increase in the number of teacher leaders in the district
  • Increased district capacity to provide professional development on research-based science instruction
  • Increase in collaboration between science teachers in the district and with teachers in districts across the state and/or region
  • Development of skills and understanding of science education and instructional coaching for district science coordinators to support science teachers in the district

Student-Level Outcomes

  • Improved academic achievement in science for K-12 students
  • Increased interest and engagement in science