Urban Ecology Small Grant Program


An effective support structure is critical for the learning, effectiveness, and sustenance of early-stage organizations. We endeavor to provide additional support (non-monetary) around multiple organizational aspects.

Please note that the different kinds of support listed here are illustrative and may evolve.

Organizational Aspects

Understanding Vision and Mission Early-stage initiatives are often run informally and in an unstructured manner. The Founders’ participation in the selection process would provide an opportunity for and entail deliberating over some fundamentals such as the organization’s vision and mission, the approach, the organization’s growth/development plan, and receiving advice from experts and peers on these core issues.

Mentoring from CSO Founders / Senior Staff

Fellows may also be connected to founders or senior staff of established CSOs for mentoring periodically.

Training on Organisational Aspects

Need-based training on specific topics of law, finance, auditing, HR, communication, or other domains may be facilitated for the seeded organizations.

Annual Review Meeting

All founders may come together for an annual review attended by educational/CSO experts and other peers. Views and suggestions from others may help the founding team plan better for the future.

Skill-based Volunteers

We also offer domain-specific help/expertise to some early-stage organizations through skills-based volunteering programs.

Extension of the Grant

We provide grants for up to a year to teams and organizations comprising at least three founding members. The financial support is provided from the date of signing the MoU, and the maximum grant amount provided is INR 5 Lakhs. In an individual’s case, the amount is administered as a fellowship is for a maximum amount of INR 3.6 Lakhs. Eighty percent of the fund is disbursed before the start of the project. The remaining is provided after submitting the project report and utilizing the grant (depending on the idea and its requirement, exceptions can be made on a case-to-case basis). Depending on the progress, outcome of periodic reviews, and detailed annual review, our support to the teams/organization may be extended after the expiry of the one-year term, on case-to-case basis.