Urban Ecology Small Grant Program

Guiding Principles


The ideas should be easily replicable to address the attempted problems in other areas of the city or across cities.

Action and Outcome Orientation

The program will support individuals or teams who demonstrate an understanding of sustainability practices and a serious commitment to work on the ground and implement the measures in their respective regions. Academic/research projects will not be considered.

Focused Approach

As opposed to developing general frameworks or tools, we prefer the proposed idea to be as specific as possible in terms of implementation details of the project work and development details in the particular context of a ward, ecosystem entity like a lake, etc. This is especially important since the duration of the grant is initially for one year only.

Community Engagement

The program aims to facilitate the implementation of initiatives that engage with diverse communities and stakeholders.

Balanced Teams

For the project to be effective, it is important to have a well-represented team of partners/co-owners who have allied outlook and interests around solution/technology, scientific approach, community engagement, socio-political grounds, to provide constructive feedback and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.