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  • December 11, 2020 04:00 am - December 12, 2020 11:00 am
  • Online Webinar
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19th Annual Wipro Education Partners’ Forum


  • Wipro Foundation

The Partners’ Forum is organized every year with the aim of leveraging the wide range of experiences, approaches, and perspectives, which our 200+ partners bring across varied contexts and subject domains. The forums are reflective and exploratory, consciously bringing in diverse perspectives on education, development, and society, thus enriching our commonly shared knowledge and understanding of social issues.

The Forum is usually held in Bangalore as a residential retreat so that we not only get to learn about each other’s work but also find the time to connect through informal chats and dialogues and strengthen this diverse community. This year, however, the pandemic has forced us to re-imagine the Forum, and we are trying an online version of the same for the first time.

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented and unique. Our partner organizations have risen to these challenges by trying out things that many had never tried before. These include engaging in humanitarian relief work, working far more closely with communities and parents than ever before, and adapting to digital modes of working, etc. Organizationally, we have had to learn quickly to adapt, to stay relevant and effective, despite the constraints and unpredictable nature of developments. Hence, we felt it would be appropriate to have this year’s Forum around

Surviving to Flourish: Adaptations in the times of COVID-19.’

Over the two days (Dec 11-12), we will have partners sharing and reflecting on the adaptations they have attempted across varied contexts: in their intervention/program models, pedagogic approaches & content, internal organizational practices, etc. We will also have parallel sessions where our resource partners will share their experiences and thoughts on their specific work domains. These include working with libraries, differently-abled children, and the ways in which the arts can inform educational practice. Given the significant interest in and implications of the new education policy on our work, we have scheduled a session on NEP 2020 as well, in which Anurag Behar will share and discuss key aspects of the policy. In every session, we will have time for discussions around questions arising from the presentations and sharing of experiences and insights.

Through this event, we hope to explore ways to sustain the reflective and exploratory nature of the discussions that inform and energizes the work of this community and try to create spaces to bring in diverse perspectives and facilitate dialogues on these, both formal and informal.

We invite you to join for two days of collective sharing, reflecting, and learning!