Urban resilience

Wipro recognizes the environmental challenges that face humanity today are as critical as are economic imperatives and hence ecological sustainability is an essential part of our approach to responsible corporate citizenship.

Natural Capital Valuation

Wipro, in association with Trucost, completed its first natural capital valuation exercise for the financial year 2013-14. The valuation looks at our global operational footprint – energy related emissions, water consumption, air/water pollution, waste generation and, land use change, business travel, employee commute – as well as the embedded natural capital in all goods and services that we procure from our supply chain. 

The total environmental costs relating to Wipro’s operations and supply chain was equal to `11,433 million for 2015-16. The largest contributions came from GHG emissions (50%), air pollution (19%) and water consumption (20%). The overall natural capital valuation increased by 14% from the 2014-15 financial year. The operational value chain stage accounted for 33% of Wipro’s total environmental cost.

Environmental Management Systems

18 of our campus sites in India and 2 in Australia are certified to ISO 14001:2004 standard.

At Wipro, we track and report the following ecological parameters, Energy and GHG emissions, Water, Pollution and Waste and Biodiversity. Please see below a brief description of the parameters and our performance.

Energy and GHG emissions

Our goals comprise of five sub-targets, two on GHG and three on energy.

Water stewardship


Our approach to waste and pollution management extends beyond the organizational boundaries to what happens downstream all the way to the landfill.


Campus Biodiversity

IT services is predominantly an urban-centric sector and the impacts on biodiversity are rarely direct and not of the same order or scale as in biodiversity zones in the hinterland e.g. the Western Ghats reserve.

Urban farming

One of the most important initiatives undertaken at Wipro is “Nurture Your Patch”, an urban farming project at one of our campuses. Selected employee teams undergo a session on urban farming from an experienced landscape architect. They were provided with gardening equipment, seeds, compost, water points and other know how. The teams are free to grow any variety of shrubs or small plants. Teams tend to their patches every day and some of the teams have already harvested produce. In addition, our operations team in two locations harvests produce regularly and donates to orphanages and special schools in proximate areas.


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