Community Initiatives

in South Africa - Wipro Siyapha

In line with Wipro’s principle of ‘good citizenship’, Wipro in South Africa has instituted a set of policies, practices and initiatives which contribute towards the social goals of South Africa. These initiatives are also in line with the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Act of South Africa, which aims to distribute wealth across as broad a spectrum of previously disadvantaged South African society. The Act is centered on 5 elements – ownership, management control, skills development, enterprise and supplier development, and socio-economic development. Companies are expected to have a social strategy that spans all these areas.


The BBBEE Act aims to enhance the economic participation and representation of previously disadvantaged South African communities in the economy. Wipro South Africa strives to contribute towards these goals through policies and business practices. Towards this end, there is a strong focus on localization of the workforce in South Africa. We also have a procurement policy in place to ensure that we procure as much as possible from companies that comply with the BBBEE Act and all other regulatory requirements.

Wipro Siyapha brings together the initiatives under the pillars of skill development, enterprise development and socio-economic development. These initiatives span areas of education, skill development and employment generation.

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