Organizational Grants

Our financial support is aimed at enabling organizations to work in a focused manner to improve quality of education in schools in geographies and educational domains of their choice. The grants could be for developing a core team in education and helping them gain experience to work with children, teachers, schools and the education system, developing effective solutions to educational problems in their area of work.


Our partner network

Our network is an active and engaged community of organizations and individuals with experience and expertise in a wide range of educational areas, working in diverse geographies and contexts. This network is a platform for our partners to stay connected, share and learn from each other’s experiences and collaborate.

Capacity building opportunities

To support our partners need for continuous learning and capacity building, we try to actively facilitate formal and informal opportunities such as short courses, workshops, learning gatherings etc. on educational and organizational topics and aspects. These opportunities are open to all partners, irrespective of the financial support.

Organizational profiles

The collective educational experience and expertise in the network spans decades, extends to all levels of the education system from classrooms to national policy and covers a wide range of domains within education such as curriculum development, pedagogy, assessment and teacher education in language learning, multilingual education, mathematics, science and social science education, social and emotional learning, children’s literature, educational publications and research.

One of the key outcomes of our work, the network is an active learning community which engages with each other through annual retreats, online forums, small gatherings and workshops and collaborates on specific areas as and when there are opportunities or needs.


Explore some of the major projects that we have worked on in the areas of languages, climate & seasons, poetry, and research into the education market.


We have helped our partners conduct various workshops on everything from classroom culture to multilingual education. Explore some of them here.


Program resources

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