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Wipro’s community care initiatives are channelled through Wipro Cares, our not-for-profit trust. Wipro Cares engages with our proximate communities on the domains of primary health care, education for the underprivileged, education for children with disability, community ecology and disaster rehabilitation. Apart from engaging with communities, Wipro Cares also engages with Wiproites through volunteering activities helping them gain a larger sense of purpose and alignment with the Spirit of Wipro. Over the years, partnering with our stakeholders has given insights into their concerns and requirements. This has also helped us to engage in critical social issues with sensitivity, rigour and responsibility. Wipro Cares partners with non-profit organizations for implementation of projects. Our inputs to organizations include:

  • financial support to focus on their key objectives
  • regular engagement through meetings, field visits and planning and review at important stages

Our work with organizations is usually in the nature of programmatic support. We work closely with our partners and review the progress and participate in important decisions along with them during the lifecycle of the project. However, our fundamental philosophy is to leave it to our partners to design and run their programs as they deem appropriate since they know best.

Access to education

Wipro Cares complements Wipro’s other initiatives in education by supporting, in a more direct way, access to educational opportunities for underprivileged children from marginalized communities. Our work focuses not only on getting children enrolled in schools but also enabling retention, instil demand for education among families of first generation learners and better learning outcomes through remedial education. Through our partnerships, we also aim to provide counselling services for children and parents, support nutrition and healthcare needs of the children, develop vocational skills among adolescents, and facilitate holistic development of all children.

Number of children reached  :  70,000

Number of states  :  8 states

Access to education for

children with disability

Started in 2014, an important initiative in Wipro Cares was on early childhood care and education for children with disability. This has scaled in size and scope significantly. Education for such disadvantaged sections is never about just schooling. Our projects take a holistic approach of addressing individual needs such as nutrition, rehabilitation therapies, aids and appliances; schooling needs such as accessible infrastructure and operating expenses; and community needs such as health camps, diagnostic facilities and community awareness.

Number of children reached  :  2,900

Number of states  :  6 states

Primary Healthcare

Wipro Cares has partnered with several organizations to address the challenges and to deliver good quality primary health care services to underserved communities spread across India. Through our projects in primary health care, we address the issues related to maternal and child health, adolescent education, nutrition, personal and community hygiene, preventive and curative care, health education and counselling. The underlying goals are to improve the health status of these communities and to build their capacity in managing their own health needs; to augment government infrastructure and to train health workers to address the unique needs of the communities with key focus on maternal and child health.

Number of beneficiaries  :  200,000

Number of states  :  7 states

Disaster Rehabilitation

In the event of natural disasters, the disadvantaged communities get affected the most as the already fragile basis of their livelihoods gets further disrupted. Starting with the Gujarat earthquake in 2001, Wipro Cares has responded to several natural calamities wherein Wipro’s employees have also risen to the occasion and played a sterling role. By design, we focus on the more difficult challenge of long term rehabilitation of the affected communities. However, there are exceptions like the December floods in Chennai when we have also supported immediate relief measures.

Number of beneficiaries  :  6,500

Number of states  :  2 states


Employees are key participants in several  ongoing causes such as educational activities for underprivileged children, engaging with children with disabilities through sports, art and learning activities, biodiversity and environment such as animal care, beach clean-up activities, feeding the poor and homeless, providing computer classes to teachers, raising funds for the needy and traffic awareness campaigns.

We have a total of 41 existing location chapters. We have 18 location chapters across India (NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Coimbatore, Kochi, Devanahalli, Aurangabad-Waluj, Baddi, Mysore, Haridwar, Amalner, Peenya and Sriperumbudur) and we have 23 international location chapters (Portugal; Romania-Bucharest; Poland; Philippines-Cebu; North America- New Jersey, Minneapolis, North Carolina, Memphis, Connecticut, Tulsa, Jefferson City, Tampa & Portland; Canada – Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary & Ottawa; UK- Reading, Dingley & Leeds; Ireland-Shannon; and Brazil- Curitiba &  São Paulo).

Total hours of volunteering  :  32,000

Total number of employee volunteers  :  12,000 

Our presence

Wipro Cares works with various institutions across India.

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