Continuous Engagement Program (CEP) with schools


Sustainability education and how it involves schools and colleges in India is an evolving space and gaining momentum. There is a larger need for involving students, faculty and institutions in a collective journey of understanding sustainability education and being active citizens in making a difference.

How are we doing this?

This is accomplished through multiple engagement platforms which include internships, experiential workshops, fellowships, academic symposiums, development of relevant literature and intercollegiate quizzes. A vision for educational institutes involves more than a curriculum-based solution and requires a holistic approach.

Continuous engagement in schools

We look to approach sustainability education using two distinct platforms. They are:

Experiential field Workshops:

A first-hand experience of learning and doing in the field and outside the classroom always adds tremendous perspective and value. To achieve this, we will be including a series of experiential workshops that cover a wide-range of topics like place-based education, interactions of native forest communities and their livelihoods, local biodiversity etc. Inspired by these workshops and interactions, we hope that many schools start new learning initiatives on their own too.

In-school engagement:

We understand that driving sustainability thinking and action also requires varying levels of engagement at the school campus itself. This will ensure that faculty and students have the opportunity to embark on a journey of exploring sustainability from different perspectives within the school itself.

The possible offerings could include:


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