Continuous Engagement Program

(CEP) with colleges


Sustainability education and how it involves schools and colleges in India is an evolving space and gaining momentum. There is a larger need for involving students, faculty and institutions in a collective journey of understanding sustainability education and being active citizens in making a difference.

How are we doing this?

This is accomplished through multiple engagement platforms which include internships, experiential workshops, fellowships, academic symposiums, development of relevant literature and intercollegiate quizzes. A vision for educational institutes involves more than a curriculum-based

Continuous engagement in colleges

The CEP program for colleges is both faculty and student driven, with different engagement platforms catering to both audiences. The engagement has no fixed duration. However, we hope each institute sees this not only as a long term relationship with Wipro earthian but also as an opportunity to become a partner in spreading the learning further and become a hub that other colleges can take inspiration from.

College sustainability internships

For students from winning institutes, earthian offers a diverse and unique range of sustainability related internship opportunities that can be undertaken for a period of two months. These internships are offered in partnership with our highly reputed partner organizations who are domain specialists in sustainability and related areas. The internships are a great opportunity for students to engage with interesting paradigms, schools of thought and innovations in the sustainability arena. Thematic areas include rainwater harvesting, natural capital accounting, biodiversity studies, environmental policy and governance, Green building, etc.

Duration: 2 months (summer)

Stipend: Paid by Wipro


Sustainability Education Symposiums

As a part of our long term vision to further sustainability education in India, WIPRO – earthian has embarked on a broad initiative to curate national level forums of leading colleges from across the country on the topic of ‘Symposium on Advancing Sustainability Research and Education’. The forum’s main objective will be to bring together a community of sustainability educators, share their learning experiences in sustainability, highlight specific case studies and promote potentially transformative role that integrating sustainability education can play in higher education. Since we expect this to be a faculty-driven initiative, we hope that key faculty from all colleges join us in this initiative.

Ongoing forums:

Annual B-school symposium

Annual Western region symposium (Design-Architecture-Engineering-Management)

Sustainability Fellowship

WIPRO and the IIM, Bangalore have embarked on a long term collaboration where WIPRO will support the award of a fellowship termed the Wipro Sustainability Fellowship for doctoral students at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB). The Fellowship are awarded to students whose research interests and work fall within the following areas/themes:

There are various domains within which research on Sustainability has been conducted. These, and associated themes, include:

Development of Academic literature

It has emerged from our interactions with the higher education space that there is a lot of interest shown in the development and production of variety of knowledge assets relevant to sustainability in higher education. It would add great value, to create relevant educational material that can be embedded into the existing curriculums and be used as learning tools. This could include handbooks on pedagogic practices, case study development, compendiums of best practices, teaching guidelines etc. We hope to facilitate the development of such literature across disciplines, and it makes sense to work with those institutes that we already have a strong relationship with. We are currently working in collaboration with the CEPT, Ahmedabad and IIM, Ahmedabad to develop such relevant material as teaching tools for management and planning and architecture colleges.

Wipro earthian Sustainability Quiz

The Wipro earthian Sustainability Quiz for colleges was launched in 2015. The initiative was to increase the basic knowledge quotient and enthusiasm in the world of sustainability. In keeping with its legacy and heritage in sustainability, the unique quiz would be a platform for college students to keep abreast of all the action in the world of sustainability.

The quizzes are curated from a wide range of topics under the broad umbrella of sustainability- Renewable energy sources, solid waste management, urban mobility, green tech, green building and architecture, water management and water issues, environmental history, environmental movements, personalities, environmental laws, global agreements, wildlife conservation, sustainability and environmental concepts/terminologies, social innovation, latest trends in sustainability.

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Mainstreaming sustainability at

Xavier University Bhubaneshwar

The Xavier School of Sustainability is one of the college program winners who are part of the CEP program. The deepening relationship with this institute is a fine example of the strength of the CEP engagement platform and the joint commitment to strengthen sustainability thinking displayed by a CSR program and an educational institution. Listed below are the diverse platforms through which Wipro-earthian and XSOS are currently engaged:


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